Hollywood has a new rising star, the multi talented Louis “TreLuv” Smith is making himself known in Hollywood with such movie credits to his name as: “From Justin to Kelly”starring, Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini, 20th Century Fox, directed by Robert Iscove, “Boynton Beach Bereavement Club” starring, Dyan Cannon, Joseph Bologna and Brenda Vaccaro, Snow Bird Films, directed by Susan Seidelman, “My Big Phat Hip Hop Family” starring, Shani Bayeté, Retha Jones and Reynaldo Rey, Breakaway Films, directed by Greg Carter, “Treasures n tha Hood” starring, Andrae Noel, Natascha Hopkins and Reynaldo Rey, Warner Brothers, directed by Greg Carter, along with television credits for CSI, and B.E.T Comic View as a featured comedian with many more projects to come.

Coming to you from the heart

Born in Chicago and raised in Miami, TreLuv, as he prefers to be called, recognized at an early age that he was blessed with a natural talent for acting. He never had second thoughts about wanting to be an actor; he knew it was his destiny. After completing his tour of duty with the US Army he returned home and began hot pursuit of his acting career. His first stop, New York City to study at the American Comedy Institute under the direction of Stephen Rosenfeld. After his achievement at the America Comedy Institute, Louis auditioned and won a spot at the prestigious Caroline’s Comedy Club that has featured such legendary comics as: Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Rosie O’Donnell and Jay Leno. Now located in Times Square, Caroline’s is one of America’s premier comedy clubs. Louis isn’t waiting around to see if he might make it to the top he’s already making his way to the top.

Man on the move

He’s been featured on the Rising Star Music Awards. This enterprising young man has the media spectrum covered whether you see him starring in front of the camera or rapping his latest single “A Boy Needs a Girl” from behind the mic, TreLuv is on the rise.

TreLuv New Release

You can also catch him at TreLuv TV.com. When asked the origin of his moniker “TreLuv” he explains that his full name is Louis Smith, III. His mother called him Tre in his youth. In his ascending years he learned the love, allure, and passions of women and recognized that women need love. Hence, he adapted the name TreLuv “for all the lovely ladies out there that encounter this kind, righteous, loving man.”

Making success my point

Louis “TreLuv” Smith is not going to sit around waiting for his phone to ring. He tells me that he starts his day on the hunt. “So do many others,” I interrupt. “That’s fine with me, we all want something out of Hollywood; did I tell you I’m hungry?’ Then you know I’m going to achieve the successes I desire. I’m not going to be concerned with what others do to make it. I know what it takes to feed me and you can rest assured that I’m going to get fed.” Noting he will not be recognized as just a black actor but known as a multi-faceted actor able to work across all genres along with great actors like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and many others that have come before him. Given his short time in the Hollywood arena TreLuv is quickly becoming a recognized name in Hollywood. If you haven’t seen or heard of him keep an ear tuned to the radio and your eyes on the starring credit.